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The future of chocolate: delicious, ethical and sustainable

We’re the world’s first company to bring cocoa-free chocolate to market. Why? Mass-produced chocolate is riddled with sustainability and ethical issues including deforestation, child labour and slavery.

We use cutting-edge science to convert sustainable, plant-based ingredients into a delicious cocoa-free chocolate that snaps, tastes and melts just like conventional chocolate.



chocolate in the world

We source

widely available

and affordable plant-based ingredients with secure supply chains and harness cutting edge science with no GMO or syn-bio


less greenhouse gases

than regular chocolate


less water usage

than regular chocolate


plant-based and delicious

Our choc works in all chocolate applications

Chocolate bars, confectionary, cookies, chocolate coatings, ice cream, drinks..

Would you like to use WNWN cocoa-free chocolate in your products?

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Our Founders

Our founders

It all started with a DM. While Dr Johnny was using his PhD in Materials Science from the University of Oxford to help the world’s best bars and restaurants pioneer sustainable solutions, he received a message. That DM was from Ahrum, who reached out to him after her network suggested she get in touch as she was looking for her next project in tackling food waste and sustainability after her MBA at INSEAD.

United by their passion to create a tastier, more ethical and sustainable future of food, Dr Johnny and Ahrum co-founded WNWN and got to work. Not long after, the world’s first cocoa-free chocolate was born!